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The Corona Crisis as World War 3

Assessments, theories, strategies and recommendations concerning the politically engineered world crisis since 2020.
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Professor General Voyson Molaskes
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Professor General Voyson Molaskes<br>(Community Admin)
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The Corona Crisis as World War 3


Post by VoysonM »

Here's something open for discussion:

I am very certain that the Corona Crisis is the result of top-level planning for how to run a world war without the risk of nuclear exacerbation. Wars serve specific goals, including world wars. To achieve them would not be possible anymore in a classical standoff between states, as this would bear a high risk of a nuclear showdown. So it can be assumed that strategists have planned for many decades how to achieve an economical reset and for generations thwart all movements that endanger the powers that are and their exploitation system (both were the effects of, and likely reason for, WW1 and WW2). The most logical path from WW1 to WW2 would thus NOT lead to a nuclear WW3, but a biowarfare WW3, carried by information warfare, and not between nations, but within all nations, using the power pyramid hierarchies installed throughout the world (eg the WHO), conducted by entities such as the internationally active clandestine military secret service EIS (epidemic intelligence service) of the CDC.
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Silver Kestrel
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Re: The Corona Crisis as World War 3


Post by Silver Kestrel »

I just recently saw videos of both a Russian high-ranking officer and a US high-ranking military surgeon who independently said very similar things ... Scary, sure, but the whole situation is one big scare all the time since early 2020, so every bit of information that is likely to really explain what's going on, must be accepted as the most likely path to lead out of the crisis. That's how therapy works (my professional persuasion) with people who are in severe (often very much prolonged) crises, are traumatized, or in fact psychotic. And this needs to be applied also to a whole society, where it has collectively become a patient suffering from such issues, as society is comprised but of all the individuals.

Really understanding a crisis situation usually means facing facts that one would before not even think of as possibilities, or would even reject when presented with them. And only after understanding and accepting reality as it is (and that includes to accept the fact that bad things really happen, and can happen, and may happen, of course also to you yourself, and this is okay, as you're "only" human), one can work on ways to overcome the situation. So I won't say no to any apparently plausible explanations.
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