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Physical Exercising Programs

Here you can post and enjoy all sorts of contents that lift the spirit, brighten the mood, soothe the soul, give strength, energy and toughness, feed optimism and hope, give positive orientation in life, and the like more, for an empowering community.
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Physical Exercising Programs


Post by VoysonM »

Regular physical activity is very important for our health, bodily and psychologically (mental and emotional strength and well-being), and by that a significant power source in itself. It needs strategical management though, that is, building easy-to-follow habits that integrate perfectly into our regular days and weeks schedules.

Here's my current training schedule that you can adopt yourself or take as inspiration for your own different schedule. Also feel free to share your ideas, experiences and knowledge regarding physical exercising here.

Monday: Yoga
Tuesday and Wednesday: Houshold chores
Thursday: Yoga
Friday: Free training (fitness, self-defence, martial arts, bodybuilding, ...)
Saturday: Core training (a fixed set for mobility, stretching, fighting techniques, and a whole-body massage)
Sunday: hiking, jogging or biking (cardio/endurance training)

Some recommendations:
- train each day for 15-60 minutes, depending on your fitness level and energy
- make the training interesting and keep it so by learning ever new things and/or a well-varied program
- do not overtrain, that is, do not exhaust or injure yourself so that you need to pause for days or weeks
- in yoga, look for medicinally sound programs (e.g. approved by big medical universities)
- get books or other sources for learning self-defence, martial arts, and training methods
- train Nihon Jujutsu (original Japanese jujutsu) for the most versatile self-defence
- train Krav Maga (Israeli combat system) for the quickest progress in self-defence
- get Krav Maga books by its inventor Imrich "Imi Sde-Or" Lichtenfels or his master pupil Eyal Yanilov
- train Ninpo/Ninjutsu (Japanese ninja techniques and culture) for its motivational power by fascination
- get Ninpo/Ninjutsu books by grandmaster Masaaki Hatsumi and/or the inspiring Stephen K. Hayes
- Mark "Animal" MacYoung has written many superb books on street-realistic self-defence
- widen your self-defence scope by books on professional security knowledge
- try to get Harry Wong's book "Dynamic Strength" for isodynamic training
- for greatest strength and functional body control, refer to Pavel Tsatsouline's works
- learn at least the basics of training anatomy and physiology, including (favorably vegan) nutrition
- instead of hiking or biking, you might also swim, canoe, climb, skate, parkour, etc.
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Re: Physical Exercising Programs


Post by Larissa1 »

Many really good tips, thanks a lot! I even made some notes on them ... just learned that, haha. (A first little insider joke.) ;)
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