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A place for discussing anything of your interest that does not fit into any other category.
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Red Fox (Susan)
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Level: <10 Posts
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Post by Red Fox (Susan) »

What do you all think about polyamory? I think it would be a good idea for a future real democracy to be free and open and modern also in love, relationships and sex. Polyamory is not about mindless and disrespectful behavior, actually it's the opposite. What do you think? Or have you maybe even never heard of polyamory so far?
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Professor General Voyson Molaskes
(Community Admin)
Professor General Voyson Molaskes<br>(Community Admin)
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Re: Polyamory


Post by VoysonM »

I fully agree with that, and indeed polyamory is a highly recommended (albeit of course not necessary, as each group or commune decides for themselves) element for Future Democracy. :) That goes for polyamory as such, the original and actually only valid concept of that name, not the LGBTQ hijacking attempts of the word, i.e. trying to enforce their various ideologies/perversions upon it. Polyamory is highly recommended for a peaceful, harmonic, stable, fulfilled and happy life and community, while LGBTQ is highly recommended to be seriously scrutinzed. The latter is only implicitely discussed in the Future Democracy book, as ASec Education points of recommended general education in cognitive skills such as logic, scrutiny, skepticism, epistemology, philosophy, and so on.
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