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"Wisdom" = Cowardice + Laziness + Vanity

A place for serious, deep discussions, intellectual stimulation, philosophy, meta-perspectives and thorough reflections.
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Professor General Voyson Molaskes
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Professor General Voyson Molaskes<br>(Community Admin)
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"Wisdom" = Cowardice + Laziness + Vanity


Post by VoysonM »

Here's a typical example of a quote on wisdom:

"Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am changing myself."
/ Rumi

But if you really think about it:
"Wisdom" is the usual label for cowardice mixed with laziness, covered with vanity.
We all are part of the world, and not striving to solve its problems just fails the very purpose of our existence! — Change yourself AND the world, wherever it is necessary!
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Full ack on that!


Post by Cuscortoskos »

Ha, that could have been from me almost down to the letter! I've especially early on understood that the proverbial "wisdom of the old" is nothing but a comfortable lying fairytale. Sure, by time people might stumble ever more likely across sources inspiring wisdom, and/or find time to really start thinking, and in fact they should, but reality paints a very different picture. Old people look down on young people all the time, unrightfully pretending and often probably even believing that all the older folks are automatically wiser than all the younger ones. And when they grow older, they just ride on that bandwagon of old-age arrogance, quite similar to the once beaten later beating their own children, passing on the same shit generation to generation to generation. But that's not how society will make progress. And a decent portion of honesty, or I suggest complete honesty, which of course might also mean some rightful shame for oneself, and especially saying no to those who claim authority but have no factual grounds for that (having, but not being authority, as Bakunin put it), that's what will advance mankind for sure.
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Tom G
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Re: "Wisdom" = Cowardice + Laziness + Vanity


Post by Tom G »

That's also my experience, Cuskortoskos. I know quite a few people who were much wiser already as teenagers than most old people I've ever met. And many old people just try to whitewash their own betrayal of once good ideals and goals out of whatever weakness, convenience, maybe laziness.

Quotes like the above in the initial post are just passed around to effectively tell people to OBEY and not question the system or even try to change it. It's just all part of a culture built on manipulation and exploitation. The best way to counter that is to directly defend against any such stuff, like for instance saying: "Oh really, is that wise? Looks rather like slavethink to me!" or maybe also "How long do you want to change yourself, and to where, before you start doing something for the world, which starts with others around you?"
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Re: "Wisdom" = Cowardice + Laziness + Vanity


Post by Larissa1 »

Ha, that's so my cup of booze (just kidding, I don't do drugs)! Nice thread, I agree with all of it so far, to the fullest! :)
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