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About the Levels?

Here you can ask questions about the community, the forums, the chat and so on, help others with using the community, or make suggestions for potential improvements.
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About the Levels?


Post by Larissa1 »

Do these user/poster levels do anything special? Are there hidden areas or more features unlocked when you write more?
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Professor General Voyson Molaskes
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Professor General Voyson Molaskes<br>(Community Admin)
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Re: About the Levels?


Post by VoysonM »

No, they are just for looks, and maybe a little motivation all in themselves, just symbolically. Otherwise, they can be ignored completely.

There are no hidden areas or contents in this community, all users start off with all features, and even I as the admin (so I've set it up intentionally) cannot do more than normal users, except for what is really necessary to moderate the forums and administrate the website. (But I can for instance not exceed posting limits, use further posting functionality, peek into hidden or private texts or conversations and so on; technically, I could spy using server-side tools outside of this website, but I would not do that, simply because of ethics, and living as a vegan, you can bet on my taking ethics seriously and without exceptions!)
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