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Topic Suggestions for Discussions

Let's improve the productivity, efficacy and efficiency of the Think-Tank, as well as its benefits-costs ratio for each contributor and helper!
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Topic Suggestions for Discussions


Post by VoysonM »

Here are a few suggestions:

1. Should multiplicators and maybe also deciders be pointed directly to the TT, and if so, which ones, and what ways would be effective (consider for instance "six degrees of separation")?

2. Develop suggestions for the "marketing" and PR for the TT (reputation building, reaching target groups effectively, critical defence)

3. exercise for the Think-Tank: "Chess Moves" 1. criticism example — 2. PR/lobbyism reaction (real or fictitious) — Think-Tank counter-reaction

4. exercise: Everyone who wants to builds a (fictitious or real) example campaign with the AIDA formula (or even several campaigns).

(These topics were suggested in the old web 2.0 community between December 2020 and April 2021,
have been collected and now they've finally been copied here by me.)
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