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Topic Suggestions for Discussions

Assessments, theories, strategies and recommendations concerning potential threats by announced or possible future events or developments.
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Topic Suggestions for Discussions


Post by VoysonM »

Here are a few suggestions:

1. The Logistics of World Domination — how hard would it be really to control the whole world, compared against the known efforts in personell for well-documented bigger secret service missions? (enlightenment against the meme "They could just not possibly do that!")

2. Power as Primary Danger (keywords: money, ideology, madness/fallibility) and possible ways of prevention (power voiding, system change)

3. How could the population get protected better against solar and cosmological events, and how is this to be prioritized in the general risk managment?

4. Rising dangers from automation and technocratization of the political executive, and what follows thereof, like possible recommended countermeasures

(These topics were suggested in the old web 2.0 community between December 2020 and April 2021,
have been collected and now they've finally been copied here by me.)
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