🇬🇧️ Look at the website outside this help box:
Are some fonts on it too small for you to read?

[Ctrl]+[+] = ever bigger / [Ctrl]+[-] = ever smaller

Set your desired size, then close this help box
(click the X in its top right corner).

🇩🇪️ Sieh dir die Website außerhalb dieses Hilfekastens an:
Ist dir manche Schrift auf ihr zu klein zum Lesen?

[Strg]+[+] = immer größer / [Strg]+[-] = immer kleiner

Stell die für dich optimale Schriftgröße ein,
dann schließe diesen Hilfekasten
(klick auf das X hier oben rechts).

👥 User Blogs

Each user can create one blog as a topic here and post in it, other users can subscribe to, read and comment the blogs or ask questions in them.
Forum rules
  1. This forum section is only for user blogs, do not create any other kind of topics here!
  2. To start a blog, create a topic with your username as or in its title, such as "XY's Blog" or simply "XY", where XY stands for your username.
    As the post text, only enter a short description of your blog (even "This is my blog." would suffice).
  3. Once you've created a blog, you can publish blog entries by using the Reply function in your blog topic.
  4. To follow blog authors, simply subscribe to their blog topic/thread.
  5. When commenting another user's blog, also for instance to ask questions, keep it short and be respectful to the blog owner.
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