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Silver Kestrel
I speak English 🇬🇧:
💎 fluently.
I speak German 🇩🇪:
🌗 yes, but not fluently.
I also speak some:
French, Italian, and (very little) Greek.
My ASecs of interest:
Education (ED), Conflict-Solving (CS), Resources: Food (RS-FD), Resources: Drinking Water (RS-DW), Resources: Energy (RS-EG), Resources: Raw Materials and Products (RS-MP), Resources: Digital Library (RS-DL), Cooperation (CO), Systems Interface (SI), Public Relations (PR), Security (SC)
My democracy level:
SLC (2-4)
About me:
I listen, observe, reflect, and help others heal and develop. Up to the Corona crisis, I hadn't had much interest in political work (even though I've always been quite eco-conscious), now I'm determined to apply my usual work with individuals and small groups also on a larger scale, which could be considered political, or socio-psychological work. I find the concepts of Future Democracy highly fascinating and worth to be widely supported, to which I add my humble part. I'm also very interested in green/sustainable living, especially permaculture, and also inspired by Scott and Helen Nearing's "The Good Life" simple, happy, self-sufficient eco-lifestyle.

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